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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VMware image with Tools

Ubuntu has just released its newest LTS version -- the Focal Fossa. Download the virtual Fossa as a VMware image that is ready to go. You just need the free VMware Player to start up and try this swift VM with the fine xfce as its default desktop.

Appliance Xubuntu 20.04 LTS
VM image size 1.35 GB
Disk 20 GB
VM RAM 2048 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

Our Focal Fossa comes with xfce as its desktop environment, arguably the desktop system with the best usability. Ubuntu with xfce is Xubuntu and that is lean, fast, and... actually usable. Out of the box there are a few utilities along with the already installed VMware Tools, which have also been tested. Shared folders, drag'n drop and the clipboard integration works.

Ubuntu left its path to nirvana (with Unity) and settled on the Gnome desktop, but that is not so much different to Unity. There is nothing better than xfce, at least with Ubuntu. Xfce has two different start menus, the classic hierarchical one and the whisker menu, which also means there is a start menu at all. Times when users scratched their head to find out how to do a simple thing like starting a program are over with switching to xfce from Unity or Gnome. With Xubuntu and xfce the switch from Windows is also as easy as it could be, especially if you are annoyed by the "ergonomic" Windows 10. Just try it! Xfce is like or even better than Windows used to be and probably never will be again.

This Xubuntu VMware image has a new Firefox with enhanced security features built in and because it is a VM running sandboxed under the host system, it is a viable option for security-seeking (and -finding, namely in the markets) traders. Especially for those who want to transfer bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in a secure environment, is using VMware a worthwhile consideration. Linux is surely the better choice than Windows, even compared to Windows 10, which also advanced finally somewhat to point omega (the secure destination). Having a virtual machine isolated from the rest of the system gives you an even more secure system.

However, the right approach for a secure transfer of bitcoin or generally browser-based trading is this:

  • Host system Linux-based, ideally also Xubuntu or Debian

  • 1st Xubuntu VM for insecure operations like surfing and everything else

  • 2nd Xubuntu VM only for selected ops that have to be done securely like trading and transferring money.

Otherwise Ubuntu is a great Linux distro, comes with more than 60000 packages freely available in its repositories, and is therefore usable for many other things than trading or transferring cryptos. You don't have to replace Windows. Just go to our getting started with VMware page and test it for yourself. The VMware Player is quickly installed under Windows and it is easy to give the Focal Fossa a try. And if you want a really secure trading environment, than change your setup to the above mentioned one with two Xubuntu VMs. This gets only topped by our Qubes trading environment.

Apps included in this Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VMware image: Firefox, Synaptic, and some more tools. VMware Tools are also installed and tested.

Zip md5: 8263f1e6c604dcede4fe625b61badf5e

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