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Ubuntu 15.10 VMware image with LXDE and Tools

The latest Ubuntu is out and we have made a fine VMware image of the Wily Werewolf. It comes with the snappy LXDE environment, has a small download size, and VMware Tools are already installed.

Appliance Lubuntu 15.10
VM image size 829 MB
Disk 20+100 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

The Wily Werewolf image comes with a complete desktop that encompasses all typical applications. Instead of using large LibreOffice and Gimp the LXDE team chose the smaller siblings MT Paint and Abiword + Gnumeric. Of course, you can change that with a snip of your mouse by starting Synaptic and loading some of a few ten thousand packages from the Ubuntu repositories.

Wily Werewolf makes a polished impression and the LXDE team ironed out some bugs since earlier releases. Whether we will publish the Ubuntu 15.10 with the standard UI remains to be seen. It still has its annoying "features" of being slow as a VMware image and an awkward user experience. Perhaps it is better suited to a mobile device, but who runs an OS virtualized in their hands?

Instead we may have a look into Ubuntu 15.10 MATE. That is the successor of the old Gnome 2.0 style desktop, which is tried and proven for over a decade. The Mint distros are the other interesting alternative and, of course, Xubuntu, the xfce based desktop is also on our radar. But for now, we are highly excited with the one we offer right here, the LXDE Ubuntu image, nicknamed by us as the "virtual Wily Werewolf".

There is a problem with the newest Ubuntu release. The Wily Werewolf seems to have some issues with older VMware software. So, if you are using a VMware Player 6.x running under your 32 bit OS, you may get kernel crashes. Read our VMware configuration and installation guide. Otherwise it helps not to start this image, by which we mean, get it started once and then suspend it instead of shutting it down or restarting it.


Applications: Firefox, Transmission, Sylpheed, Pidgin, mtPaint, Simple Scan, Audaciuos, Xfburn, MPlayer, Gnumeric, Synaptic, and some other tools. The latest VMware Tools are also installed.

Zip md5: c033af0c1aec8d401232b3a714dd4291

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