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The best way to momo trade

The simple and most direct momo trading system looks like this:


It is all about betting on the right trend, but not necessarily at the right time. The right method? A tight stop! Of course, knowing the right time would be tremendously helpful, but that is also nearly impossible. Just accept it. To enter the right trend, typically multiple attempts are necessary. Also accept that. What if you are stopped out and the trend turns around or vanishes? It simply wasn't the right trend then. What if it restarts unexpectedly thereafter? This is the way the market works. Accept it and reenter.

Momo trading the trend in 5 simple steps:

  1. Find a situation with the odds in your favor
  2. Enter the trade with a tight stop
  3. Be prepared to be stopped out by pullbacks or an ending trend
  4. But wait for new strength and if the trend is still or again running
  5. Reenter

There are two ways to optimize this simple trend trading system. Either try to wait for and then select a true trend, or lay the emphasis on getting in and stopped out with less friction.

We use these two systems:

The Pipdaq system for short-term traders of all markets. This system gives you the classic setups that will let you trade any market frictionless and it is the system that will also put you on any trend:

The Trend Sigma system for "investo-trading" the stock and crypto markets. The investo-trader concentrates on finding the right trend:

The laws of probability will eventually get both of the above on a true trend that gives them all small losses back and much more.

You could also combine both systems, or just start with downloading the Trend Sigma system overview below.

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