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Stocks vs Forex vs options vs futures

Financial markets are different. They all offer opportunities, but with very different characteristics. The stock market shines with thousands of investment and trading candidates. Stocks are securities and that means that they can’t go below zero. For the disciplined trader this is sort of a built-in money management. For the investor it may be the […]

Investing vs trading

Investors are the ones that know it better, but traders don’t have to know anything. They just have to be fast. That may sound silly, but it is the truth. The small investor literally has to know it better. In fact, they have to be the wiseacre. There are two reasons: The market is always […]

Forex trading is exciting

So exciting that many do it for fun and not for making money. If you want more than fun, you should have a system, though. Very quickly you will arrive at the conclusion that something in this “game” plays against you. Right, and this something is nothing less than the world’s biggest banks. This alone […]

Are ETFs the better stocks?

No, but ETFs are technically stocks and that is their greatest beauty. If you know how to handle stocks, you are also fine with ETFs. Due to the fact that under the hood they are funds, the risk of “bankruptcy” of a single ETF is minimal. There is the risk of financial failure somewhere down […]

Many commodity and futures traders go broke

This is a provoking start, but it has an avoidable reason. Most beginners in these markets, and some are lifelong beginners, don’t have a clue about money management. Derivative markets offer a high leverage often coupled with tight spreads. Essentially everything is in place to become rich. You just need to discipline yourself to the […]

The necessary edge for scalping Forex

Forex trading is not for the faint of heart. Why not let a robot do the thrilling work? Perhaps the simple answer is: Because the robot will trash your money! Sadly this seems to be true more often than not. Many of the expert advisors out there for the Metatrader platform produce many smaller gains […]

What does a robot know about the stock market?

This is the story of a fantastic stock signal program dubbed the stock robot, which is said to predict market moves of small stocks with stunning accuracy. Stock market shaking giant Goldman and Sachs who lately got shaken by the market itself was the hotbed of this program. Originally it was used to run a […]

Option trading as a business

Most option traders are like gamblers in Las Vegas. Full of hope and with an empty wallet after the action. But there is an alternative. What if you were treating your options trading as a business rather than a gamble? Trading options does not necessarily mean to buy out of the money options, and dream […]

The system of Nicolas Darvas and its secret

Stocks are the fastest way to become rich – or poor. The favorite method of becoming the former is to bet on growth stocks that are making a new high. A long time ago Nicolas Darvas wrote a fine book about this strategy with the pleasant title “How I made two million dollars in the […]

Swing trading the trend

The stock trader has nearly a perfect trading world. Thousands of stocks to choose from, the safety that an account can’t go below zero, provided that you don’t use margin, and warrants and ETFs also available. Every time frame from daytrading to investing makes sense, and behind a stock is a company with a story […]

Is it better to trade big or small?

…stocks, of course. On the surface quite some things point away from the small stock markets. The better a company is capitalized, the more information about it is generally available. Chances that this company is still in business somewhere in the future are also better. Both makes small stocks very volatile. So why just not […]

Stocks are the best market for trading signals

The best trading vehicles are stocks, at least for trend trading. While Forex and futures offer high margin trades, stocks have the ability to produce large gains intrinsically built in. These possibly large gains come without an equally large risk. The stock trading account can’t go below zero, provided you don’t use margin. The greater […]

Trading software for the stock market

Generally Forex is the market seen as the right vehicle for automated trading today. The reason is the high liquidity and a trading session that spans over almost a week. That is the right hotbed for trading software platforms like MetaTrader and the reason for its existence. There are advantages for autotraders to choose Forex, […]

Penny stock picks for lazy traders

Trading signals for penny stocks are best generated on a daily basis. There should be no need to jump within minutes into a buying signal in a market that is often illiquid. Penny stocks offer the combination of lazy trading and adventurous or even breathtaking price moves. The strength of this type of speculation is […]

Trading signals for futures

Trading futures is like riding the bull. Just wanting to do it is not enough. Futures markets have the highest failure rate among novice traders. On the other hand, they are tantalizing traders with the ability to trade with unparalleled margin. If you were able to read the market pulse, this could be your personal […]

Forex robot or trading room?

Markets are getting more and more automated and that is also true for Forex. For the small trader Forex is the El Dorado of algorithmic trading. The reason is of course the ever growing number of available Forex robots. And the reason for that is of course MetaTrader, this ubiquitous platform for outlining a trading […]

ETF trading signals

ETFs are the dream of the modern investor. Technically they are stocks and as such conveniently tradeable. The big plus compared with stocks is their fund nature. Substantial losses are less likely than with stocks. Diversification is done by the fund itself. You can safely pick just two or a few ETFs and allocate your […]

The Simple Trend Trading System

Modern investors are actively invest-trading the markets. Buy low and hold forever was yesterday. You will need only one thing for being the silver surfer riding the monster wave and that is a meaningful trend. The trend is your friend and trend trading can be the most profitable form of trading. Momo Trade is trend […]

The next monster trend for making real money

Trend trading is working best with the right trend. Sounds silly? Maybe, but look at your last trades and think again… We are letting our money work for us by trading the long-term trends in the financial markets. The ambitious investor tries to get on a trend by means of trading and then holds onto […]

The right mindset to overcome debt

At first comes mental preparation. Find out whether your financial misery is more due to excessive spending or difficulties to earn money. If you are in debt, analyze the reasons. Then take a deeper look at the debt itself. Get a clear picture of the size and structure of it. Find out your credit score […]

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